What better way to introduce myself then to hop on the #25thingsaboutme train:

  1. Currently hoping I can think of 25 things about me…
  2. I have been married for almost 8 months to my farmer, we have been together for 5 years this fall.
  3. Our story of true love begins like all do, online.
  4. My dating profile stated very few things about me. It went a little something like this… ‘I like coffee, dogs, and New Years Eve (the day, not the movie).’ I did not include a picture because, you know, there are creeps on the internet… (I’m thinking there should be a whole separate post about the continuation of our love story since it might eat up all 25 spots. Stay tuned…)
  5. My three favourite people in this world are, in no specified order, as follows:  My farmer, my Pa, and my dog.
  6. My Ma is one strong lady who I resemble not only in looks, but in all other aspects as well. Sometimes I open my mouth and my Ma comes out.
  7. My parents raised me to be hardworking and loyal.
  8. I was fired from my very first job, working at a grocery store, for being 3 minutes late. I was devastated and thought I would never be gainfully employed again… I was 17 at the time…
  9. Best job I’ve ever had was working as a barista at a local coffee shop.  The worst job ever was working at Payless Shoes while going to college. I have now worked in post-secondary education for the past 7+ years.
  10. I believe somehow fate has delivered me lessons in every job I have ever had. I’ve  met some of my best friends, lost a dear friend too soon, and have had the satisfaction of helping people whether by carrying out their groceries,  hand-crafting a delicious caffeinated beverage,  selling affordable crappy shoes, or helping them realize their true potential through post-secondary education.
  11. I resigned from my job today. I am officially ‘unemployed’ for the first time in my adult life. I am scared and ridiculously excited all at the same time. I left my full-time permanent Monday-Friday 9-5 job to pursue my goal in life:  Be happy.
  12. I have hit rock bottom twice in my life. Most recently, May 2017.
  13. I am no longer ashamed to share my struggles and successes with my mental health.
  14. I am working on finding a relationship with God. I have not always believe in Him, but I know now He was there to get me through.
  15. I believe being kind and honest can coexist.
  16. I practice gratitude on a daily basis.
  17. I value true genuine relationships with people. Surface level friendships don’t interest me. Small talk makes me squirm.
  18. In a perfect world there would be sunshine, coffee, dogs and yoga everyday.
  19. I believe I genetically cannot stay awake through any television show or movie while in the comfort of my own home.
  20. I am definitely a morning person. 5AM is my JAM!
  21. I didn’t know the first thing about agriculture when I met my farmer. Through our years of dating, I regret not making a better effort to learn more.
  22. I am starting to pick up on more and more now. Also, I am DOING more! I have been learning to run some equipment and help out in the field. Being able to help my farmer is SO rewarding.
  23. When he talks about Ag, his eyes light up and he speaks with passion. It’s one of my favourite things about him.
  24. I started my Instablog to connect with other women in agriculture in hopes I picked up on what the heck I was supposed to be doing. I am inspired daily by the FarmHers, farm wives, mothers, and downright GIRLBOSS ladies out there in the world of agriculture.
  25. I am excited for this blog to help me connect with people.

Well, 25 things didn’t seem so hard after all! I thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. Tell me some things about you! I want to get to know you better too.
Much love,