My ideal morning routine:

  • Wake up between 5AM-6AM
  • Make coffee
  • Write down three things I am grateful for in my gratitude journal
  • Drink the coffee
  • Write in BOTH of my planners (yes I have more than one) all of the things I’m going to get done today, tomorrow, this week…
  • Drink more coffee

One of my planners is dedicated to my personal health and fitness then the other is for everything else. It can include plans with friends, grocery lists, what I’m cooking for the crew, when I’m going to clean my house, the last time I bathed Charlie… Basically all of the things that go through my head on a daily basis of what I have to accomplish that day, week, month, etc.
I am a planner. I love routine. I love lists. I strive to check things off of lists. I can go with the flow as long as there’s an clear end goal. That’s one of the reasons I was so good at my previous job. I was juggling people’s schedules, events, programming, etc. I had to be precise with my timing or things could to astray very quickly. Now with my new job, FarmHer in training, it’s a whole different world. Every day is different with no guarantee of what is going to happen and I am still adjusting to that. I could have my day planned down to the minute and something could come up that takes priority and throws everything off. Then at the end of the day I would look at my planner and have no check marks. Eight months ago that would have driven me into a tail spin, now I am learning to accept what is and be okay with the ever impending To-Do list.
It seems like the to-do list grows longer and longer each day as we continue our way through harvest. I spent most of this week on the tractor discing the fields preparing them for another crop to be seeded. While sitting out there for hours on end, I think about all of the dishes in the sink, the laundry in the basket, the floor that need to be swept… I also think about the time I could be spending with friends and family, some who I haven’t seen all summer. I know this work needs to be done, but I also know I have all of these other things that need to be accomplished.
I’m trying my best to keep in contact with friends and family as much as possible but sometimes it can be hard. My farmer and I live a life that not everybody understands. I try my best to explain the happenings of the farm to them and I get the classic blank stare (one that I was previously particularly skilled in). I don’t expect my friends and family to understand everything that’s going on. I really appreciate when they make the time and effort to stop by, send a text, or give me a call.
I’m still getting the into the swing of things being the farmer’s wife and now the FarmHer in training. We’ve only been married eight months and I have a lifetime to figure this out so knowing that provides me comfort. I’m blessed to have married a man who can show patience with me as I am learning and growing.
I appreciate YOU for taking the time to read my early morning ramblings this beautiful Sunday! Share your tips and tricks for staying on track and managing expectations with me.
Much love,