sundayHappy Sunday, all!
I’d like to start off by saying a BIG thank you to everyone who reached out to me about my last blog post, My Transformation Challenge. After I hit submit on my post, it was like a wave of vulnerability washed over me. As my good friend Brené Brown calls it a ‘Vulnerability Hangover’. But after receiving all of your kind and supportive words I looked back through my positive scope and got back on track. Thank you.
Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It’s the standard day of rest for most. For me, it’s a day to reflect on the week past and look forward to the week ahead. I do my standard routine like any other morning – wake up, make coffee, practice gratitude, and meditate. There is just something about this day that speaks to me. I look back on my childhood and what my family typically did on Sundays. We weren’t churchgoers; we spent most of our time together as a family preparing for the week ahead. We would go visit my Papa or have a family dinner with friends who were like family. It was a day of togetherness.
My reflections of this past week are a little melancholy. The wind has been Non-stop for over a week in Southern Alberta. With gusts over 100km/h it can drive anyone a little nutty. My poor Charlie has developed a new fear of the wind. She tries to escape her oasis in our sun room to be closer to the Farmer and I to protect her from the scary wind. Its heartbreaking and a little funny all at the same time. The wind has not only wreaked havoc on the poor dog, but also added to the severity of several fires that broke out across Southern Alberta. One of the Farmer’s friends lost part of his farm, including his father’s home, to one of the fires. I can’t even imagine the loss and I am sending my love to all of those affected.
I think it is human nature to think about the worst case scenario when disasters like this happen so close to home. What would I do if there was a fire threatening to take away everything? What would I try to save? What would I leave? I had this conversation with the Farmer. We both said we’d save each other and the dog and nothing else popped into our heads… I thought for a while ‘That’s terrible! We’re not prepared for anything!’. But looking through the good ol’ positive scope again I know you can replace things. They might not ever be the same, but as long as you have the ones you love, you’ve got it all.
I think I have described my love of my day planner to you at some point or another. I carry that thing around with me everywhere. It’s where I keep track of plans, lists, appointments, and random thoughts of the day. I’m looking at this weeks plan of attack with a smile on my face. I have plans to visit friend whom I have not seen in some time, take part in a FUN contest at spin studio, Kinetic (my home away from home), save some lives (donate blood), and work more on my soil course. As our winter season is looming, my days of being in the field or kitchen full-time are few and far between. And I have a confessions – don’t quote me on this in five months – I am sad that it’s over! I miss the busyness of it all. The days are much slower and there is more time for rest, which I am more than thankful for because lord know we needed it. But when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed last night and saw my #farmwifefam in the field with their farmers still harvesting, I was a little jealous! Again, please refrain from quoting me from this blog in five months – Okay? Thanks! 😉
Once again, thank you for following along on my ramblings on this blustery sunny Sunday morning. I hope you spend it with the ones that bring you joy. Reflect on the week past and look forward to the one ahead. Be thankful for your loved ones and grateful for all that you have.
Much love,