Good morning and Happy Monday!!
Do the words ‘Happy’ and ‘Monday’ go together for you? Or is it the opposite? I think Monday’s get a pretty bad rap, but I’ll admit today has been a doozy so far.
My Farmer left last week, in the middle of a blizzard, to head down south to go on his annual guys dirt biking trip. He looks forward to this trip all year-long. It’s like the light at the end of the very long farming tunnel.
The blizzard that came through left us with icy roads and snow drifts about 5 feet high in some places. I chatted about Charlie’s snowy adventure last Friday on my InstaStories and explained my distaste for the winter season. I am quite the baby when it comes to the cold, I won’t lie.
This morning I got up super early to head to Kinetic for a spin class. I’m currently playing their BINGO challenge and one of the tiles is ‘Attend an Early Morning Spin Class’. So I pulled on my stretchy pants and headed into town for my early morning sweat session. I left there feeling great, as per usual, then stopped for a coffee on my way home. Since I was feeling so great this fine Monday I decided to purchase the person’s coffee behind me to share my good morning vibes. Headed home and cranked the tunes. The sun was shining over the fields of snow and for a moment I thought ‘how beautiful!’. As I turned down our gravel road, the gas pedal suddenly seemed to go a bit soft… I turned the radio down to see if the engine was making a funny sound or anything… I couldn’t hear anything funny…do you see where this is going?… I started to pull over on the side of the road as the truck slowly came to a stop. I sat there for a minute thinking ‘What in the world…’ then it hit me. I ran out of gas. I RAN OUT OF GAS?! I couldn’t believe it. Up until that moment I had taken pride in myself that in my entire driving career I had never once ran out of gas. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some close calls but I have always seemed to manage to squeeze the last drop to get to the gas station. I live on the edge, what can I say!
So – now what? I was still a ways from home. The Farmer wasn’t there. It was too early for our hired guys to be at work yet. Does road side assistance even come out here? I could make the embarrassing call to my Pa to come save me (this is the man whose first question about any car trouble is ‘do you have gas?’), but by the time he got there I probably could have walked home. I looked around the truck and found some gloves, pulled my hood up, grabbed my wounded pride and started walking down the snowy gravel road.
As I walked I tried to think of the best way to resolve this without having to tell the Farmer. About a mile in I saw a truck driving towards me – hallelujah! They pulled over and lo and behold it was our neighbour from across the road. I asked him for a ride back to the house and I would deal with the truck situation once I had defrosted. But because he is the sweetest man alive, he offered to go home and grab his jerrycan to put some gas in the truck so I could get it home. I was SO thankful!! We had a good chuckle along the way and he made sure I got home safe and sound.
Seriously – how did I get so blessed? This situation could have been way worse, but I chose to have a laugh at myself and figure it out. I am so grateful for the kindness that my neighbour showed towards me. I see some of my Best Dang Chocolate Chip Cookies heading his way! Now that I have had a chance the thaw out, I am going to head back into town later today and purchase the appropriate winter wear so I can be a bit better prepared for future situations.
I hope you all have a safe, warm, and happy Monday!
Much love,
By the way, I ended up telling the Farmer what happened. After his lecture, he had a laugh too 🙂