Good morning!
I got up this morning to take Charlie for her walk and it was actually a bit chilly outside. It’s a nice break from the +44 degree Celsius we had earlier this week. It felt like we were walking through an oven! Thank goodness for air conditioning.
Harvest 18 has slowly started on the farm. The Farmer combined some winter wheat and a little bit of hemp so far. We will start on the rest of it very soon and be in full swing. I have been watching YouTube videos of how to run a grain cart as I think that will be my full time gig for harvest. Wish me luck!
As we gear up for the busiest time of year, I thought I would share with you a few of my kitchen essentials that I like to always have on hand during seeding and harvest. I did my first big shop of harvest this past week. It always seems like SO much stuff and it only lasts for a short amount of time. Here’s my essentials:
For the Freezer

  • Frozen veggies – I like to use fresh when I can, but sometimes that just isn’t a possibility. Big bags of frozen corn, mixed veggies w/broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc., and individual steamer bags of broccoli are my staples.
  • Garlic bread – Whether you make your own or purchase it pre-made I find I go through one to two loafs a week.
  • Frozen dinner rolls – either buns from the store or the frozen dough, I keep them handy in the freezer for when I run out of fresh buns. Maybe one day I will learn how to make homemade buns/bread…. (send me your recipes!)
  • Emergency Frozen Pizza – I always have a frozen pizza on hand in case whatever I have made for dinner goes to shit… 😉

For the Fridge

  • Fresh Veggies – Some of the fresh veggies I keep on hand always are romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, celery, and of course potatoes (you can’t NOT feed a farmer potatoes). Throwing together simple salads to go with their dinner is something that’s easy and quick. I like to prep my veggies earlier in the week so I can just throw them all together. Making sure the guys get some type of vegetable is something that is important to me. You can thank my Mama for that 🙂
  • All the beverages – We have a fridge dedicated to just beverages in our basement (the freezer has ice cream in it, don’t tell the Farmer LOL). It’s important that everyone stays hydrated, especially with temperatures in the 40’s! Water, lemonade, iced tea, Sparkling water, pop, juice, and beer for when we’re done harvest!

Other Handy Items

  • Takeout Containers – I have talked about my takeout SO many times, but honestly I can’t tell you how much easier it has been feeding the crew with them. From sandwiches to chili, they hold just about anything. And the best part, they can be composted! You can find them here.
  • Flat Boxes – My MIL gave me this tip! Save your large flat boxes they pack your things in at Costco to use to transport all your food and beverages to the field. It makes it so much easier!
  • Fun Sized Chocolate Bars – Not just for Halloween, these are easy enough to throw in for the crews dessert if you have nothing made (or bought).

Those are just a few of my must have/ tips & tricks for feeding the crew during the busy seasons. As always, I am grateful for the help of my MIL when I am out working in the field. We’re all in this together!
I hope you all have a happy, safe, and bountiful Harvest 18!
Much love,
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