Hey all!

I am super excited to announce the launch of my new I AM YOUR FARMER t-shirts! Earlier this year I started #IamYourFarmer Thursday over on Instagram in hopes it would be a platform for people to share their love of farming, agriculture, and rural life + so much more. You all SHOWED UP! I am seriously blown away each week by what you all are doing on your farms, ranches and homesteads.

I was asked recently what my favourite part about farming was and it didn’t take me long to answer. My favourite thing about farming is the story. Every farmer, rancher, or homesteader has a story. Sometimes the stories people will share with you are ones of struggle and pain. They can be hard and disheartening to hear. But when you ask them how this all got started for them, there always seems to be a twinkle in their eye. They share their story about the first time they ever drove a tractor with their Grandfather or when they helped their Dad pull a cow. They talk about the warm summer nights they spent in the garden with their Mother or learning to can from their Grandmother. And how about the stories of the new kids in town, the new generation who have braved being stewards of the land? These shirts were made for all of them. These shirts are made for the people who care about the land, the animals, and the world they feed. These shirts are for people who are not farmers, but can appreciate the hard work that is put in and care where their food comes from. Yes my friend, this shirt is for you.

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Much love,