Hey all!

I am excited to introduce to you What I Made Wednesday’s! This will be a monthly blog series posted on the First Wednesday of the month sharing some ‘Things’ I’ve made.

What might those THINGS be you ask? Well they can be anything from clean beauty products I’ve made to a baked treat or healthy meal. Really, I’m leaving the floor open.

I started cleaning up the products I use in my home and on my body over a year ago. Going clean and green can be confusing and costly so I have been taking it one step at a time. I’ll share some products that I have either made myself or companies that I happily support.

Eating clean can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. I personally have been doing my best to eat organically and sustainably. We are certified organic producers and as such, I believe we should be supporting other organic producers. It can be expensive and not always possible to eat organically, but we try our best. I have also been trying to support companies who are doing their part in keeping their food packing to a minimum or using earth friendly packaging. Let’s not forget about shopping local! We have some great small-locally owned grocery stored in my area that carry seasonal produced, local grass fed pasture raised meat, and much more. I always picture a farmer doing a happy dance when I am able to support local!

Remember, I am not an expert. These products are the ones that work for me and my family. If you have a differing opinion, that’s great. As always, lets keep it respectful. If you don’t agree with the products I use or the food I choose to eat, that is totally okay. Differences make us who we are, humans!

If you have any products you suggest or think I should try, make sure you send them my way. I’m always happy and willing to try something new. Make sure you use the hashtag #WhatIMadeWednesday on Instagram and tag me, @WildRoseFarmer if you try any of my recipes or if you make something of you own. Can’t wait to start sharing!

Much love,