Thank you so much for checking out my premiere blog post for What I Made Wednesday! This idea came from the many messages and comments I have received from friends and family asking about the changed I have made to essentially ‘go green’. I will be sharing with you today a little about my journey and one particular tool that has helped me along the way.

Going Green: Home, Body & Planet

When I started my journey into living a more natural and sustainable life, I was completely overwhelmed. There was so much contradictory information out there of what was or wasn’t healthy, natural, clean, etc etc. There are so many media buzzwords out there it made it hard to even know where to start or what was legitimate. One of my biggest pieces of advice is to do you due diligence and do you research or find someone whom you trust who has done the research for you. What do these buzz words even mean exactly? What matters most to you in a product (ex. organic vs local) Like I said, there are so many factors it can be overwhelming! I was so happy to find a person and resource that I was able to trust and help continue to guide me on my journey.

Kelsey Jorissen, crunchy-farmer-earth mama, has written and published what I call my Green Bible. The Holistic Home Ebook guides you room-by-room through your home to learn exactly how to live a more holistic, healthy, and eco-friendly life. Kelsey takes a real approach in tackling what can seem like a daunting endless process and helps make it an attainable goal. She has countless tips, tricks, recipes, and resources that take the guessing out of your journey.

I have used so much of her advice from her Ebook since it has been launched from the skin & hair care products I use to the types of pots and pans I cook with. Kelsey understands the struggles people have when creating these new habits in their lives. She doesn’t pressure you into thinking you’re ‘doing it wrong’ by not making these changed all at one. Change can be hard y’all! You are encouraged to take it day by day, room by room. I cannot tell you enough how much this book has helped me in making some huge changes in my life.

Kelsey had generously offered a coupon code for her popular Ebook for my new What I Made Wednesday endeavor so you can get your hands on it too!

Use Coupon Code wildrosefarmer15 to save 15% off your copy

Head on over to Kelsey’s website to purchase & read more about The Hoslistic Home Ebook.

Thanks for checking out this month’s What I Made Wednesday. I hope this resource will be able to help you make some useful changes for your body, home, and the world! My next post will feature some of the products that I have personally made or use that have been a game changer for me. Take care!

Much love,