The Rural Woman Podcast Ep.1 – Meet the Host

Welcome to my first official episode of The Rural Woman Podcast! I can’t believe I just typed that. No, seriously. I know I say it over and over in this episode (and future ones too, SPOILER) but I just can’t! Let me explain.

Back in 2018 while working in the dusty old Fendt tractor mowing our cover crop, I was simultaneously watching Instagram Stories (shhh don’t tell my husband) and I got this overwhelming feeling. These stories were from women who were farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, farm wives & mamas, Ag business professionals, etc. and they were all living their lives in their own unique way. They shared more than just their highlight reel, you know the ones, the unrealistic Joanna Gains-white farmhouse style-got this on sale at Target- all while looking fabulous. They shared the pain of losing an animal or a crop being taken out by a storm. They shared making a meal for their family with the produce they grew with their own hands all while homeschooling their children or getting the kids on the bus lookin’ like a self proclaimed hot mess. Each of these women had their own story. A story that I admired and that I overwhelmingly felt needed to be shared with a wider audience. So, the idea of creating a platform for sharing these stories was born.

I started the basic Google searches of how to start a podcast. There was a ton of information about different ways to start, what tools you needed, how much money and time it was going to cost. It all felt too overwhelming, so I quit. Guys, I cannot even tell you how many times I quit before I even told someone about my idea. So I came up with a new plan. I am going to write out a plan, buy a microphone and actually share my podcast idea with someone and it will hold me accountable. Nope. That didn’t work either. You guys, I tried SO many things before I took a deeper look into why nothing seemed to be working.

Looking back I realize the important piece I was missing to make this all come together. I had the vision, I had the rock solid plan and I had to goal. The one thing I was missing was the courage to connect all of those things together. You see, as a recovering FOPO’er (Fear of Other People’s Opinions) I was so consumed about what other people would think or say would hinder my confidence in my vision. Things would pop into my head like ‘Why would anyone listen to my podcast? There are other podcasts out there’ or ‘Who do you think you are to have your own podcast’. But the overwhelming feeling – you know, the one I told you about before? – it was still there in my heart. It became so strong that eventually the nagging FOPO voice in my head slowly became more quiet and my vision became crystal clear. Once that courage kicked in, there was no turning back.

And here we are today. I am a self taught podcaster with a passion for sharing stories. I am proud of getting myself to this point and am excited to keep moving forward. I am humbled to have interview so many great women so far with more to come. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for coming along on this journey with me.

Much love,
Katelyn ✌

P.S. I wanted to leave a note here giving a special thanks to my husband, Justin. Your support and encouragement throughout this project is a true blessing. I couldn’t wish for a better partner to do this life with. I love you.


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Katelyn Duban

Katelyn Duban

Farmer | Podcast Host | Coach

Welcome to Wild Rose Farmer! My name is Katelyn Duban and I am a first generation female farmer in Southern Alberta, Canada. I married into agriculture back in 2016 to my multigenerational farmer husband, affectionately known as Mr. Wild Rose Farmer. We live and grow on our families certified organic grain and oilseed operation. In the Spring and Summer seasons, I raise a small herd of meat goats and have previously raised bottle calves as well.

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