The Rural Woman Podcast Ep.2 – Interview with Tara Beaver Coronado

Sometime in 2018, I received a InstaDM from a girl asking me if I would be interested in joining a private group on Instagram of other female farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, etc. to support each others content. Though she may have felt like a creeper, I was completely honoured that someone viewed me as a female farmer. Back then I was known as FarmWifeyBlog and I am not too sure people took my farming career so seriously. Fast forward to today, this group of women have become way more than just an ‘extra like or two’ on my posts, but my friends.

Tara Beaver Coronado, the non-creepy female farmer from California, was the person who started our Female Farmers group. I wanted Tara to be my first guest on the podcast as she is one of many the inspirations behind the concept of this whole podcast coming to life. Through our Female Farmer group, I quickly realized how important to aspect of community & connection is in the world of Agriculture. Being a Farmer can be a lonely and isolating thing, especially if you did not grow up in this world. Finding people who can relate to your story can be difficult especially with the number of farmers, ranchers, etc. decreasing as time goes on. Although Social Media can sometimes be a tricky thing, it truly does help close that gap in agriculture.

In this episode, you get to know Tara’s story of growing up in ag, leaving for a while, and then making her return in a huge way. She started her own vineyard, Beaver Vineyards, in 2017 while working on her family’s grain farm. Tara shares her passion for community, animals, and mental health awareness with us. Tara has truly been a shining light for not only me, but so many others on her social platforms. Have a listen and go check out Tara over on Instagram @BeaverVineyards. She’s got a great blog too so make sure you check out

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