The Rural Woman Podcast Ep.3 – Interview with Billi J. Miller

Billi J. Miller is a photographer, author, speaker, writer, wife & mother to two beautiful daughters. Billi did not grow up in the agriculture world, but married in to it much the same as I did. Through her journey and finding her place in this unfamiliar way of life, she found her passion for the stories behind the farm wives she met in her new-to-her small town in North East Alberta.

Billi has self published two books titled Farmwives in Profile and Farmwives 2. These books combined share the stories of 37+ Canadian Women from all areas of agriculture from all across the country. Their ages range from as early as 20 years old all the way up to 90. Billi had truly captured what it truly means to be a farmwife through her interviews.

You can find Billi’s work on her website as well as purchase her books through Amazon. She can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure you reach out to Billi as she LOVES to chat about stories in ag and more.

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