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Welcome to this weeks edition of What I Made Wednesday! This week we have the privileged from hearing from Meg Mitchell. She is a fellow farmer and a maker. Today she walks us through her journey on how she and her husband have started the process of eliminating single use plastic from their home and how shes helping others do that too. I have personally purchased some of Meg’s beeswax wraps and I use the on the regular. They are strong, durable, AND adorable. I love them! Enjoy!

Hey everyone! I’m Meg from Mitchell Family Farms.

I live in Saskatchewan with my husband & 2 dogs where we raise cattle and grain farm. I am so excited to share with you my What I Made Wednesday product with the wonderful Wild Rose Farmer, Katelyn.

My husband and I have been working on reducing our plastic use over the past couple years. We live in a rural area and we really notice how much waste we have when we are the ones having to dispose of it. We started out by replacing worn out plastic food containers with glass ones and using leftover jars from our wedding to store stuff.  The one thing that I really wanted to replace was the use of plastic bags and plastic wrap. Honestly who actually likes plastic wrap?!?! It NEVER sticks to anything!!

I was introduced to the idea of beeswax food wraps by a fellow Instagramer who made them from just cotton and beeswax, so I made a couple and immediately loved them. This eliminated my use of plastic wrap & plastic bags in our household. However, I started to notice that the wraps weren’t lasting very long because the stickiness just wasn’t there anymore. I really loved them and I thought maybe I was doing something wrong because online everyone raved about them. So I spent some time online researching different recipes for beeswax food wraps and tried out a couple different methods. Then I finally perfected the blend of beeswax, pine rosin, & jojoba oil. All of these ingredients help the wraps in a different way. The pine rosin works hand in hand with the beeswax to provide that stickiness to the wrap to keep it secure for all kinds of products. The jojoba oil provides softness within the mix to make everything more pliable to make wrapping easier.

Some of you are familiar with the wraps and some of you are asking why? Well they are waste free, you can use them over and over again! Over the years they will eventually wear out a little but no need to fear they can be refreshed to their original glory! (this is something I offer all my customers at a discounted rate). In addition, they are non toxic, self adhesive, sustainable, eco friendly, reusable, & washable but only with cold water. Another benefit is beeswax is naturally anti-bacterial so your wraps won’t spoil or mold.

I use the beeswax food wraps for a variety of things like wrapping up half used veggies in the fridge, a big bowl of salad for a potluck dinner and I mostly love using them on the go for any snacks & sandwiches. I like to pick colourful or personal fabric to cater to my customers as it is always nice to see something that catches your eye in your purse/bag/lunch kit.

If you are interested in adding some beeswax food wraps to you life, you can order some by contacting me on my Instagram page Spruce and Clover, or by email at spruceandclover@gmail.com. Thanks for taking the time to check out my What I Made Wednesday and please help the environment by reducing your use of plastic!

– Meg