The Rural Woman Podcast Ep.5 – Interview with Erin Roy

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On this weeks episode of The Rural Woman Podcast, I had the chance to sit down and chat with homesteader and social media & marketing maven Erin Roy of The Harvest Trail Agency.

Erin and her husband recently purchased a two acre farmhouse cabin in the mountains outside of Albuquerque New Mexico. They raise chickens and ducks for eggs, turkeys for meat, and peafowl and rare chicken breeds to sell. They also grow food for their family in their beautiful garden. Erin is a Master Gardner with two degrees in agriculture so when it comes to gardening, she knows her stuff! Check out Erin’s blog post and video tutorial all about How to Plant Your Garden and Start Seeds Indoors.

Erin alongside her husband started The Harvest Trail agency. With over 20 years of agricultural experience and 10 years of marketing experience, they help farm-to-table, local restaurant, agriculture-based and other small businesses with their social media, marketing, event planning, and website needs. We get into all things social media and how to show up and be your authentic self.

PLUS, Erin and I have a special little surprise for you! We recorded a BONUS episode! Yes that’s right, more social media & marketing goodness from our expert Erin is included on a bonus episode of The Rural Woman Podcast! We discuss Erin’s new blog post on 5 Social Media Tips & Tricks for Women in Agriculture to Grow Organically. We chat about methods of how create more engagement on Instagram and tips to beating that dang algorithm. You can tune in exclusively here.

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Links mentioned in the show

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Erin’s Social Media | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

The Harvest Trail Agency | Website

Bonus Episode

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The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 5 - Interview with Farm Marketing Expert Erin Roy of The Harvest Trail
The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 5 - Interview with Farm Marketing Expert Erin Roy of The Harvest Trail

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