Hi friends!

I am excited to share this weeks What I made Wednesday with you all! Mandi Chamberlain is a first generation female farmer, registered Veterinary Nurse, goat mama, chicken tender, gardener, and friend. Mandi has recently started making beautiful soaps with the milk from her adorable goats. Take a look!

Hey there, I’m Mandi from @WildOakFarms

I started making goats milk soap not too terribly long ago. I started for many reasons; I love learning, I own a herd of diary goats, I wanted to start a little business, I wanted to be kind to my skin. All great reasons, right!?

I milk my goats each morning, some of their milk goes to raw milk customers, in my smoothies and the rest will be measured out and froze for soap making!

On soap making day, the kitchen is a nightmare! There is essential oils, shea butter and milk piles all over the counter! All of the ingredients are heated and then blended together, before being placed in soap molds.

It is so much fun because you can make any color, fragrance, or shape you want!

The driving force behind all of this soap making nonsense is my will to learn and gift to others. I love taking cars of soaps to gatherings and telling people I made this from scratch! Creates such amazing conversations.

My soaps are available for purchase through my Etsy shop. If you have never tried goats milk soap, you should. Your skin will thank you.

Thanks for checking out my What I Made Wednesday!

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