The Rural Woman Podcast Ep.7 – Interview with Kelsey Jorissen

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On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with my girl Kelsey Jorissen from Green Willow Homestead. Kelsey is a first generation female farmer from Southeastern Wisconsin. She is a published author, fellow podcaster, chicken tender, and crunchy earth mama.

Kelsey shares her story of how she got get start in agriculture as well as how she farms in a sustainable and regenerative manner. She is passionate about the environment and shares how we can all do our part to take better care of our planet.

Kelsey and I have been in community with one another for almost a year over on the ‘gram in our female farmer group which you may recall has been chatted about a few times on the podcast. This female farmer group was started by Tara Beaver Coronado, who was my first guest on The Rural Woman Podcast (check out her interview here in case you missed it). This group of about 20 or so women have been a big influence and support of my farming career.

As I mention in this episode, I have been asked by numerous people of how they can become a part of this group. Unfortunately, Instagram has a limit of the number of people who can be added into a DM group. So I brainstormed for a while of how I could make a place a wider audience could be in community with one another. And that’s when I thought “Hey, why no start a Facebook group’. So I did, Two days ago. 😂 Friends, it’s up there and it’s live!

The Rural Woman Podcast Community, an extension of The WildRoseFarmer Community, is a place where women like you can come together and be in community with one another. Our lifestyle is like no other. We don’t farm, ranch or homestead the same but we all have the common goal of producing food to nourish our families and feed the world. We are here to support and uplift one another. If someone falls, we help them back up. We don’t judge or criticize. We accept our differences and learn from one another. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please head on over to Facebook and join today.

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The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 7 - Interview with First Generation Female Farmer Kelsey Jorissen
The Rural Woman Podcast Ep.7 - Interview with Kelsey Jorissen | Available on iTunes, Spotify, Castbox, or
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The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 7 – Interview with First Generation Female Farmer Kelsey JorissenThe Rural Woman Podcast Episode 7 – Interview with First Generation Female Farmer Kelsey Jorissen


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