The Rural Woman Podcast Ep.8 – Interview with Lailand Oberschulte

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On this episode of The Rural Woman Podcast I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Lailand Oberschulte of Rosebud Heritage Farms in the Napa Valley region of California. Lailand is a second generation farmer with a passion for animals and maintaining the deep roots of agriculture by raising heritage breeds of hens and hogs.

In this episode she tells us about how she is helping to preserve these heritage breeds and what makes them different from conventional livestock. I think the tone of her voice says it all when she speaks about her animals and her life on the farm, this is her calling. I can’t wait for you to all to hear!

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I’m so excited to hear the stories of other women in agriculture! This podcast fills a much need void to help us stay connected and feel less isolated. Thank you Katelyn!

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The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 8 - Interview with Heritage Breed Hen & Hog Farmer Lailand Oberschulte
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