The Rural Woman Podcast Ep.10 – Interview with Kylee Seibert-Wongrowski

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Thanks for checking out this weeks episode of The Rural Woman Podcast. Today you’ll hear from my friend Kylee Seibert-Wongrowski.

Kylee is a city girl turned lavender farming dog mama living in North West Ohio. She got the idea to start lavender farming after after watching a television show y’all! As I have gotten to know Kylee over the past year, her ‘I’ll try anything once’ mentality is truly heart warming and inspiring to me.

Kylee has expanded her lavender operation to include over 1200 plants. She recently hosted a on farm even where she invited local people from her community to come and get their hands in the soil and learn all about how to plant lavender. It was a great success and a fun time had by all.

Kylee’s spirit is like no other. I hope you’re able to share a laugh with us during this episode.

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