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Hey all!

Welcome to another edition of What I Made Wednesday! Typically the first Wednesday of the month I share a how-to or recipe that I personally love to make or use. Well, this edition is a little different. Though I love to use natural deodorant, I have not been able to make my own recipe that works for me. I tried every Pinterest recipe out there under the sun. I bought the natural kinds from the drug store and our local farmers markets and nothing seemed to work.

I was on Instagram and saw a friend swore by the KL Skin Naturals brand deodorant so I thought I would give it a shot. I received my first order back in early 2018 and have been hooked ever since. I have since converted my friends and family to the brand, even my hard working sweaty Farmer husband! I feel good knowing I am recommending quality products that are all natural and free from harsh chemicals.

I am so excited to share Leah, the owner and creator of KL Skin Naturals, story with you today. Stay tuned to the end of this post for some exciting news!! 🎉

Much love,
Katelyn ✌🏼

Hello everyone, I’m Leah 👋🏼

Leah from KL Skin Naturals | Featured on What I Made Wednesday | A WildRoseFarmer.com Blog Series

I was born and raised in Nelson, British Columbia, and grew up riding horses, drawing horses, playing horses, anything to do with horses. My childhood was literally spent on the back of a horse, anything from trail riding, to horse shows and clinics, my parents and I were always headed somewhere with the horses for all the years I can remember. I also had my own dog, Peanuts, a sweet little chihuahua who lived for 16 years. As an only child, my pets were my family as well.

KL Skin Naturals | Featured on What I Made Wednesday | Blog Series on WildRoseFarmer.com

I have one daughter, Kayln, who turns 10 this summer. We have 11 chickens and 1 dog. Together we enjoy dirt biking in the summer and downhill skiing in the winter. To live in Nelson you have to have a winter hobby or you’ll go stir crazy. I had 2 horses until 2 years ago when a bad accident left me with a shattered hand and a limited ability to care for them. It was a tough choice to get out of the horses for a while, but it allowed me time to heal, and also enabled me to focus on growing my business.

KL Skin Naturals | Award Winning Natural Deodorant | Featured on What I Made Wednesday | WildRoseFarmer.com Blog Series

KL Skin Naturals began in 2013 as a small hobby making natural skin care products in my kitchen after a brief health issue left me questioning the conventional ways of life. I felt compelled to pursue wellness by introducing clean products and foods into my home. I believed that by making body care products by hand, I could select the most natural ingredients and eliminate the guesswork out of reading labels.

KL Skin Naturals | Award Winning Natural Deodorant | Featured on What I Made Wednesday | WildRoseFarmer.com Blog Series

My family and friends were my guinea pigs, trying out various jars and tubes of this and that. I attended a few small farmer-type local markets with a couple boxes of items, and was soon discovered by a few local store owners. That was when I decided to take the business to a higher level. Six years later, my production has increased significantly, but all the products are still lovingly made by hand in my kitchen. All our products are produced by hand from the very first measure to the very last label. Each recipe was worked, researched, perfected, and tested on my friends and family, who all agree we have some unique and effective products to offer. I never imagined that these products would ever become the business venture it is today!

In 2016, my deodorant won a Clean Beauty Award in Toronto, being named their 2016 Top Performer, competing against small business brands all across Canada. KL Skin Naturals was also a finalist for 2017, and my deodorant was featured in Alive magazine in April that year. These milestones, paired with the out-pour of customer support and enthusiasm, have fueled my immense ambition to continue to pursue growth and development.

Leah from KL Skin Naturals | Featured on What I Made Wednesday | A WildRoseFarmer.com Blog Series

Thank you for checking out my What I Made Wednesday featured blog. You can purchase KL Skin Naturals through our website and check us out on social media.

Leah Edgar
KL Skin Naturals Founder and Creator

KL Skin Naturals | Website | Facebook | Instagram

Award Winning Natural Deodorant | KL Skin Naturals | Official Sponsor of The Rural Woman Podcast

KL Skin Naturals is now an OFFICIAL Sponsor of The Rural Woman Podcast!

Friends! You’ve read that right. I am so excited that my favourite natural skin product company and I are teaming up to continue to spread the good word of Women in Agriculture!

Use Promo Code WildRose10 at check out and save 10% off your order at KL Skin Naturals

Sales from KL Skin Naturals with the use of the promo code will directly go to funding the production of The Rural Woman Podcast. You’ll be supporting a small business and your favourite podcast all while saving money AND getting natural skin products you can feel good about using. Does it get any better then that?!

Head on over to KL Skin Naturals and start shopping!

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