The Rural Woman Podcast Ep. 12 – Interview with The Ranch Wives

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Thanks for checking out this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast. Today you will meet two incredible women, JaTanna Williams and Natalie Kovarik. These long time friends grew up on their families ranches in Montana. Later, they both married rancher and started their families; leaving JaTanna in Montana and Natalie moving to Nebraska to live with her husband on their family ranch.

Back in 2017, Natalie and JaTanna started talking about their shared dream of selling beef directly off of their ranches to consumers to enjoy. Thus the beginning of The Ranch Wives Beef Company and set out to make quality beef direct from their ranch accessible to all.

These women are nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait for you to hear more about them on this episode.

A Special Thank you to Annabel and Zade Morgan of Morgan Land and Livestock for their support of The Rural Woman Podcast

The Morgan Ranch is in its 5th generation of operation in beautiful Gallatin County, Montana. The ranch consists of high alpine grazing and hay crops. The early years of the operation were spent producing wool with many bands of commercial sheep. As years carried on the family moved to raising beef.  

The Morgan family is passionate about the heritage and culture of their lifestyle, and promoting commercial beef.  The ranch is also used for hunting elk. 

The Morgan family produce pasture raised commercial  beef and replacement heifers. Aside from our heifers that are sold to buyers nation wide, all of their beef goes into the commercial beef markets.  They are proud of their pasture raised beef, grown without the use of added hormones, that later will be finished in a feedlot.  
Their goals are to share their way of life via social media @montanaranchwife on Instagram.  They want people to see that commercial beef in the USA and Canada are raised on traditional family owned ranches with ethical and environmentally friendly methods.

The Morgan Family chose to support The Rural Woman Podcast because of the importance of farms and ranches nation wide coming together in conversation. As the agricultural population dwindles, we have to be a united team marvel at our differences, educate the public and work together to feed the world.

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