The Rural Woman Podcast Ep. 16 – Dairy Month Part Three: Making Farming Fun Again with Jess Peters

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On this bonus episode of The Rural Woman Podcast, we’re continuing Dairy Month with another great dairy farmer! Today you’ll get to meet the one and only, Jess Peters.

Jess Peters grew up on a dairy farm in Meadville, PA where she still lives and works today. Along with her parents and brother, they own and operate a Jersey farm caring for almost 500 animals. A few years ago, seeing all the misconceptions about agriculture being shared around the internet, Jess decided to do something about it. She started sharing her life on the farm on social media via Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Thanks to the success of her social media accounts, Jess can even call herself a writer. She writes a bi-weekly blog post for Hoards Dairyman, has written several articles for other agricultural publications, and even wrote a children’s book called Farm Nursery Songs! Though she has spoken at conferences and loves what she does to advocate for the dairy industry, most of the time she can be found home on the farm milking cows, feeding calves, or helping with fieldwork.

Get ready to continue our DAIRY GOOD weekend tomorrow with another episode from another awesome dairy producer! Make sure you hit that subscribe button wherever you tune in so you don’t miss a single minute!

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Links Mentioned in The Show

Jess Peters | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | SnapChat jrp280

Check out Jess’s bi-weekly blog post for the Hoards Dairyman

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The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 16 - Making Farming Fun Again with Dairy Farmer Jess Peters
The Rural Woman Podcast Ep. 16 - Dairy Month Part Three: Making Farming Fun Again with Jess Peters | Download on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify |


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