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Welcome back to another edition of What I Made Wednesday! This week you’ll get to meet to oh so crafty Sable! Check it out!

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Hey y’all! I am Sable White

I’m a small town girl from rural North Carolina, living my best life alongside my husband, two dogs, and a herd of cattle.

I attended NC State University, where we are the Wolfpack! That is how this whole side business started, and where the name came from.  Once I moved off campus and started having a few more bills to pay, Pack Girls Wreaths and Creations was born.

The Sunflower Wreath that started it all!

When it all started the only items I offered were wreaths and door decorations for various seasons.  Each one sold went to pay parts of the power bill, car payment, or the grocery bill. Times changed, and life events happened, so item choices expanded. We got a puppy, and dog bandannas were offered. We got married and moved, so household items were offered for customization, such as lamp shades and cutting boards. 

I slacked off the crafting projects for a while and put all my time and effort into my full time job.  I only made things people requested. Then one day I found myself without that full time job. I had no idea what I was going to do to help pay portions of the bills we were counting on.  So I kicked the crafting gig back off! This time with my whole heart! I needed the money, but I needed the happiness crafting brought me more! I am now back employed, and am working on how the crafting/ work life balance will look for the future!

With the latest launch back in March, I offered a product that I thought could only be found in Great Grandma’s House.  It is a kitchen towel with a potholder attached to it so it is able to hook on your oven handle. This item is a game changer in the kitchen!  I never realized how nasty a towel can get when it is just over the handle, falling every five minutes to the floor it seems, every time you go to dry your hands.

When I started I was all about paying my way through living the apartment life of college, but now it is much more about keeping the crafting dream alive.  There are big things planned for the future endeavors, make sure you follow along with the page to get a firsthand look on the next big thing!

Thank you for checking out my What I Made Wednesday blog post!


Sable White
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