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Welcome back to What I Made Wednesday. Today you’ll get to meet Emily Brown from Spruce & Spice. She is one crafty and sassy lady. Enjoy!

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Hey, I’m Emily Brown!

A little bit about myself…. well I am a mother of 4 kids under 13 and have been married to my best friend for 15 years now. We recently moved to our dream Ranch February of this year! Before we moved I started a wood sign/ furniture business out of our garage. Before that I had many other hobbies that included baking and photography! Lets just say I like to keep busy! I am a mother, wife, sister, and friend who truly enjoys what my life has brought me! I think of myself has funny with a sassy personality! I would drop anything for a friend in need and am a really good listener when you need someone to talk to as well! I’m a simple jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. I do enjoy getting dressed up and going out but I’m more comfortable with my hair in a bun or braid and my graphic tee and jeans! Oh and I love coffee and wine like it runs threw my blood!

When we moved to our ranch, it didn’t take me long to get animals. The property already had chickens but I was wanting goats big time! Don’t ask my why goats, they just called to me! I got my first two within a month of living here. Soon followed more each coming to the ranch in 2’s. My milker, Misty, was the 5th goat I purchased and she had just had a baby that I also purchased and she was a dairy goat which meant I was going to get to milk her!!! I was excited and scared all at the same time. But like everything else I do, I just jump in head first and roll with it! It took time and practice to get it going.

Once I had established a routine I knew I needed to make sure my milk was as clean and safe as possible. Because, of course, I was going to make cheese, soap and many more items from it! I started doing my research on the best products and procedures to ensure a clean and sterile milking. I knew from there I could use what I already had in my home and make a wipe that would clean her as well as my hands before and after milking! I ordered some simple cotton dry wipes off amazon and added my other ingredients and BOOM! Teat wipes for my girl!

My shop, Spruce & Spice is a small woodworking/tee’s/soap company. I hand make all items that are listed for sale! I started the company March 2017 because I wanted to share my love for farmhouse decor with others! I have since added tee’s and goat milk soap to my shop! The shop itself is designed around our ranch! You can purchase the wipes and many other product on my website www.spruceandspiceshop.com

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Emily Brown
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