On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast we get to hear from Canadian sheep farmer Sandi Brock.

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Paris, Ontario Canada, Sandi may have resented early morning milking before school, explaining to her homeroom teacher that she was late because a calf was stuck in delivery.  Or leaving basketball practices early, surely to be benched for it, so not to miss the 4:30pm repeat milking of the morning…But looking back she wouldn’t change a thing.

Sandi is a farmer. One of three daughters, who were treated no differently than if they were three sons.If there was work, they did it.  There was no choice.  And not a whole lot of money to pay for legit help.

Fast forward to today.Sandi now owns and operates Shepherd Creek Farms with her husband Mark and two kids Jack and Jess.  Originally a grain farm operating 1800 acres of corn, wheat, soybeans, edible beans, and alfalfa, the couple diversified into the sheep industry in 2012.Mark manages the grain operation, Sandi the sheep.  Both pitching in when the other needs an extra hand.

Sandi documents her life of being a mom, a wife and a farmer on many social media platforms, but has focused on her YouTube channel Sheepishly Me, since 2017.  Spreading the message of truly finding yourself. Quit comparing.  Be comfortable in your own skin.  But more importantly, find what you love.  Work hard.  And let the results speak their truth.

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