The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 30 – Farm Wife Life: Two Part Interview with Kylie Epperson and Whitney Larson

On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast you’ll hear from the co hosts of the Midwest Farm Wives podcast Kylie Epperson and Whitney Larson. We did an interview swap so make sure once you’re done listening to this episode you head on over and listen to my interview on their podcast!

Meet Kylie

My husband, Jordan and I are owner/operators of our family’s 10,000 head finishing spaces and our own 3,600 head nursery barn. In 2014 we expanded our operation by building a state of the art 5,600 head farrow to wean sow unit. After an unfortunate fire, our family rebuilt the farrow to wean sow unit in 2019 and Jordan and I became majority owners in a small livestock investment group.  In addition to the roles above, I also spend a majority of my time in the office managing the book work and finances of our livestock and row crop operations.

As a millennial farmer, I believe sharing our story is more important now that it ever was.  I share farming, livestock production, farm wife day to day life on Facebook and Instagram.  Another fun addition to the mix is co-hosting an agricultural podcast with a Kansas farmer called the “Midwest Farm Wives Podcast.” I promote our industry so we can continue to educate and stay relevant in today’s world.

I am a member of the Missouri Pork Association and a Women’s Agriculture Peer Group.  Additionally, I serve on my local Parish Council. 

My husband, Jordan and I have two beautiful children who we also like to call our mini-farmers, Rhett (4 yrs old) and Reese (2 yrs old). When we are not farming, we enjoy camping as a family, golfing and going to the lake.  I adore the outdoors and Missouri provides all four seasons for me to enjoy.

Meet Whitney

Hi my name is Whitney Larson and my husband, Bart and I farm in Northwest Kansas. We are not till row crops- wheat, milo and corn. We have three kids who do all the farm life with us. Bodie, Layton and Rowdy. We own and Bart operates a ground spray rig business on top of the farm. The kids come harvest with us every day and its so heart warming knowing we are doing this as a family. The kids are the reason we work as hard as we do day in and day out, we want to be able to leave them the legacy we build! We are first generations farmers with family history, but started on our own without any family. I take pride in raising some butcher pigs and a good sized garden for our family ever spring and summer. The kids have small chores all over our place that give them a good sense of hard work and how we raise our food. Bart works very hard and allows me to stay at home. I am his right hand woman and fill in wherever he needs when I’m not chasing around kids and keeping up at home. Our life is very unplanned and always busy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I started sharing our story openly on social media and then on our podcast, Midwest Farm Wives to bridge a gap between consumer and producers.  And to allow other women to know they aren’t alone in the isolation this lifestyle brings! 

Review of The Week

Great podcast
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ – Ulive95472 via Apple Podcasts
“I have been listening to the Dairy Month podcasts. Love hearing about the women and what they do on their dairy and farms. Great podcast, very informative and fun.”

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