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I wanted to create a space specifically to share and thank those who support The Rural Woman Podcast through Patreon. These people not only listen, love and share the podcast but they also financially contribute to the show monthly making it possible to air each and every week.


The Rural Woman Podcast Patron’s

Amanda E. | Amanda G. | Annabel M. | Annelise S | Ashley K. | Bev & Sam of the Drink & Farm Podcast | Billie L. | Chelcey L. | Hailey E. | Jaime I. | Jason M. | Kelsey J. | Keri S. | Kim M. | Kylee W. | Lailand O. | Leah J. | Marina S. | Melanie G. | Melia M. | Molly K. | Nelson Family | Rachel W. | Sarah B. | Shelia T. | Sherri P. | Shyla R. | Tiffany D. |

Thank you for your continued support of The Rural Woman Podcast! ❤

Official Sponsors through Patreon

Sarah R. | Happiness By The Acre | THANK YOU!

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Are you interested in becoming a Patron of The Rural Woman Podcast? Want to learn more? Head to FAQ’s about The Rural Woman Podcast on Patreon to learn more.

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