The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 31 – Freaky Farmer Friday: Interview with Katelyn Duban Hosted by Annabel Morgan

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast. Today’s episode is a little different as you’ll be hearing me be interviewed by my dear friend Annabel Morgan. You may remember Annabel from Episode 20 where I was able to meet up with Annabel face to face down in Montana.

Annabel is a rancher and agvocate for the beef industry and really all parts of agriculture. I am so thankful to have Annabel as my self proclaimed calf mentor. You may remember the story about when I picked up two bottle calves from the auction and Annabel was my first phone call asking what the heck I was supposed to do next. She was a big support when my one calf, Belle, was sick and was my sweet calf, Taco’s, number one fan. I really cannot thank her enough for all of her support and friendship. 

Annabel put out the question on social media if people would like to hear her interview me for The Rural Woman Podcast and the response was an overwhelming yes. So I hope you enjoy today’s show learning a little more about me

Review of The Week

The more female voices in Ag, the merrier!
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ – SamBolton via Apple Podcasts
“Great podcast! Excellent storytelling and interviews. This is one to listen to, it’s well done! 🥂 -Sam @drinkandfarm”
**hear more from Sam on Episode 24!

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Okay friends! Annabel and I had such a great time chatting I just had to share a blooper for my patron’s on Patreon. If you’re looking for a quick laugh, head on over!

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