It come’s but once a year – Winter. Each and every year it come’s and goes. Some years it seems short and fast others it can seem never ending depending on where you are living.

For some people, the winter months can be difficult to navigate mentally. The severity can be different for each and everyone. It may just be a seasonal funk for you or a more sever case of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

What is SAD?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you’re like most people with SAD, your symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody. Less often, SAD causes depression in the spring or early summer.

To learn more about SAD’s signs, symptoms, and resources, click here.

I put the question out to my ladies in The Rural Woman Podcast Community group on Facebook if they themselves experienced the Winter Blues and what they did to combat it. They shared some great tips and advice that I wanted to share with you today. Here are the Seven Ways to Fight The Winter Blues:

‘I use grow lights & a SAD light, and force myself to spend more time outside on cloudy days, although I really want to stay in. ‘

Learn more about SAD Light therapy here.

‘I read lots and lots of books! And craft projects like painting or making clothes.’

Looking for book suggestions? Check out Good Reads.

‘Getting a good sweat on inside helps me tons.’

Check out YouTube for great FREE workout videos. Seriously, there is something for every one.

‘When it gets really cold and dark I go tanning. I love the warmth and light on my skin. After the light shuts off I lay there until it cool down. I usually go in February when I’m so over winter ‘

Though this may not appeal to everyone, I say do whatever makes you feel good in moderation 😊

I used to be a lot worse, but with very early spring/winter lambing, it’s given more happiness to my least favorite time of year (Jan-Apr). I actually look forward to that time of year now instead and I stay super active. ‘

How could this NOT bring a smile to your face!

‘I definitely start Vitamin D supplements. That helps a lot! For me the hardest months are January and February, which I call the doldrums. The holidays are over and gardening and sunshine are still far away. The past two years I’ve changed my kidding to happen in January and February to keep me busy and this has worked great for my mood! It also means when Spring chores kick into high gear, my kids are all weaned and off to their new homes.’

Learn more about Vitamin D here.

‘I definitely feel the blues come winter this year. I can feel it already and I think it’s going to be worse because of an accident I had over the fall. Luckily I have an amazing friend at work we tend to lean on each other when the blues hit. We go out to dinner and vent or I’ll bring him food in the field depending on what we’re doing on the farm that day.’

Get out and be social! Isolation is definitely a factor when it comes to the Winter Blues. Find an activity, sign up for a class, have dinner with friends & family, etc. Check out Meet Up for what is happening in your local area!

What are some of your ways of maintaining your mental health through the winter season? Leave your comments below 👇🏼

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The #1 Piece of Advice

If you are feeling like your Winter Blues are more than just a funk, please ask for help. There are doctors, counselors, friends and family that want to help you through this difficult time. Please know you are not alone in feeling this way. There are so many people out there that are experiencing similar feelings.

Wishing you a warm, safe, and HAPPY Winter Season ❤

Much love,

Katelyn ✌🏼