The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 35 – Ask a Farmer, Not Google with Katie Dotterer-Pyle

On this weeks episode of The Rural Woman Podcast, you’ll meet third generation turned first generation dairy farmer Katie Dotterer-Pyle. Not only is Katie a dairy farmer, but she is a part time Spanish teacher, entrepreneur and AGvocate.

Growing up as part of the 3rd generation on her family dairy farm in central PA, Katie Dotterer-Pyle is now a first-generation farmer with her husband, David in Union Bridge, Maryland when they decided to leave Katie’s family dairy in 2009. At 23, she signed a $300,000 loan to buy 90 cows. Eleven years later, Cow Comfort Inn Dairy is home to 800 total cattle (mostly Jerseys), 380 of which are milked twice a day.

Katie also teaches Spanish part-time in the public-school system, and also instructs an online Spanish program, that she specifically designed for the dairy industry. Her education skills are also seen in her advocacy efforts within the agricultural industry with her signature #AskFarmersNotGoogle hashtag. From live videos and educational posts on social media, to farm tours and public speaking engagements, Katie enjoys finding ways to infuse agriculture and education together. To help diversify their business, Katie and her husband recently opened a small seasonal ice cream trailer they run at the farm and at special events. She loves traveling when she gets the chance, reading thrillers, dancing, playing piano and guitar, palm trees, dark chocolate and tea!

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