The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 38 – Highland Cattle & Flower Farming with Kristen Primrose

highland cattle and flower farming podcast

On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast, you’ll get to meet Kristen Primrose from Primrose Lane Farm where they raise highland cattle organic produce and have started their own flower farm. Kristen shares her story of why growing flowers is a way of connecting with her mother and how she shares that connection with others. It’s a beautiful story sure to make you all a little misty.

The Primrose family live on a 130 acre farm in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. They live in the very SW corner of Alberta Canada. Kristen and her husband were both born and raised in the area and are thrilled were get to raise their family there as well.  After spending 6 years in the city having babies and going to school, they knew they wanted to raise their family in the country. 

They found an acreage that was perfect to start their homesteading dreams and begin their journey to self sufficiency. They grew a garden, kept chickens, and a few horses. This is where Primrose Lane Farm was born. They loved their tiny little homestead but soon realized that they needed more land to be able to produce everything they needed to be more self sufficient and fulfill all their farming dreams.

In Summer 2017 they moved into their current farmstead with rolling grassy hills and enough room for all their animals.

Since moving to their farmstead, they’ve been able to raise 100% of the meat they consume, ethically and sustainably. They grow the majority of their own organic produce, and usually have enough to share. There is so much satisfaction in having a hand in your food production, from the first seed in the ground all the way through to harvest.

They believe in the future, and believe in leaving the earth better than they found it. Primrose Lane Farms practices sustainable agriculture in both their cattle/pasture management and their flower farm.

They’ve been growing their flowers and selling at markets since 2015. Kristen’s flower farm has become a safe place to process grief and to share beauty with others. Flowers are our way of sharing the beauty and bounty of nature, as they are the easiest way to put a smile on somebody face.

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