The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 42 – Learning About Online and Digital Marketing for Farmers with Kelsey Jorissen Olesen

On today’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast, you’ll hear from a familiar farmer, Kelsey Jorissen Olesen. Kelsey was on the podcast previously talking all about her farm Green Willow Honestead. You can head back to Episode 7 of The Rural Woman Podcast to hear her farming story.

Kelsey is a first generation female farmer from Southeastern Wisconsin. She is a published author, fellow podcaster, chicken tender, and crunchy earth mama. Today we’re talking about something a little different that I think you all are going to find super useful on your farm, ranch or homestead. – Marketing! – Its something that i know can be a big struggle for some people, including myself, so I am excited to share Kelsey’s interview with you all

Learning About Online and Digital Marketing for Farmers with Kelsey Jorissen Olesen | The Rural Woman Podcast Ep. 42 | Stream over on

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“I freaking love this podcast. It’s so refreshing to find an ag podcast that’s young and fresh and different. I love pushing play and listening while I do my chores. Everything is so real and I feel like I could hang out with anyone on this show and have a good time. Thanks again from an Iowa sheep farmer who just happens to be female ;)”

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