The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 43: Grass Fed Beef and Foraging 101 with Caiti Pierce

On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast you’ll hear from Caiti Pierce. Caiti is a first generation farmer who lives in Northern Wisconsin with her husband and kiddos where they raise grass fed grass finished beef and pastured eggs to sell direct to consumers. We also get into chatting about how and why Caiti started foraging.

Caiti Pierce | Bio

Born & raised in Northern Illinois, it was never in my plan to get married, move and then have a farm in Northern Wisconsin. What initially started as a family initiative to raise as much food on our own as possible and to be self sufficient; has grown into a small business. We raise grassfed-grass finished beef a

nd pastured eggs & sell straight to the consumer . I do the day to day managing of the herd which includes rotating the herd. We have three kids, three dogs and an outside only cat. 

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