The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 44 – Blueberry & Pig Farming with Tiffany Duncan, RVT

On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast, you’ll meet Tiffany Duncan. Tiffany is a third generation blueberry farmer turned pig farmer at a 700 head farrow to wean operation in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Tiffany shares with us about her love of animals plus what it’s like to be a military wife on top of being a farmer.

Tiffany Duncan | Bio

Tiffany is a 3rd generation blueberry farmer from Oxford, Nova Scotia, who is currently a military wife and pig farmer.

She grew up in the blueberry fields helping her father in the fields during the summer. 

She went to university to become a vet tech. While studying she worked on a dairy farm, which allowed her to fall in love with large animal medicine. 

Her now husband joined the military and after a move to New Brunswick during training they were posted to Saskatchewan. This move allowed her to work with some larger farms and learn even more about production animals. 

Another move across Canada and back to Nova Scotia, just in time for their wedding. 

Shortly after settling in, job hunting found her applying to a herdsperson position at a pig farm. 

The rest is history.  She knew nothing about raising pigs but they were willing to take a chance. 

She’s working on a 700 head farrow to wean operation. 

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Katelyn does a fantastic job!!! As a former educator, I am delightfully amazed by the volume of research that goes into each program! Katelyn’s depth of knowledge on the subjects and the guests she provided is not a just off the cuff conversation!!! Without a doubt, there are hours of information gathering that makes each podcast FLOW as if the guests were close friends, not just of Katelyn but friends with all the listeners too!!!

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