The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 48 – Rotational Grazing & Growing Local with Kate Estrade

Hey guys. Welcome to this special Sunday episode of The Rural Woman Podcast. As you know, new episodes of the show typically release on Fridays but as you may have seen on social media this week I’ve been a bit under the weather, My husband and I returned form a trip to the US on Monday and headed straight to self isolation as per recommended and on Tuesday Morning I woke up with a terrible head cold which I’ve been monitoring to make sure it stays just that. Between being sick and the stresses that have been going on in the world I can honestly say that my physical and mental health definitely took a beating. I am happy to report I’m feeling better in both regards and I just want to thank you guys for your love and understanding. I’m happy to be back on the air from my ‘new’ recording studio – aka my laptop on a box in my bed. It’s actually quite comfortable and I may have to consider using this method from now on! 😉

On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast you’ll hear from Kate Estrade. Kate runs Local Cooling Farms, a regenerative, pasture-based farm and Laughing Buddha Nursery, an organic gardening shop turned local food store with her husband, Grant.

I touched base with Kate yesterday to see how her and Grant were holding up. They, like many others, are seeing a major increase on their direct sales from their farm and farm stores. I want to thank Kate, Grant and all of the other farms, ranches, greenhouses, homesteads, that are helping keep everyone fed during this stressful time.

Kate Estrade | Bio

Kate Estrade runs Local Cooling Farms, a regenerative, pasture-based farm and Laughing Buddha Nursery, an organic gardening shop turned local food store with her husband, Grant.

Kate grew up in a rural area south of Madison, Wisconsin, surrounded by row crops and while her family had a large vegetable garden, composted and frequented the farmer’s market, she never imagined she’d become a farmer herself.

After studying journalism in college and joining an AmeriCorps service program, she became very interested in food systems and sustainable local agriculture. Around that time, she met Grant at his organic gardening shop (buying worms for her apartment compost bin no less!). Eventually they bought land that has became Local Cooling Farms, where they raise pigs, chickens, ducks, goats, cattle and rabbits and direct market all of their meat and eggs.

Kate has developed their neighborhood delivery hub model where they sell the majority of their farm products, as well as seasonal produce, dairy, chicken, lamb, additional beef beyond what they raise themselves, ferments, preserves, bread and more from 12 other local farms and producers each week.

Rural Woman Coffee Date

So instead of reading you a review this week, I thought I would take a minute to tell you about the rural woman coffee chat that I hosted yesterday morning instead. We had a group of women from all over Canada and the US come together on ZOOM, which for those of you that don’t know is a video conferencing app, to come together and share stories over a cup of Joe. We shared stories about how we’ve been holding up and managing our stresses, shared some laughs, and some even showed off their adorable new lambs (thanks for that Cara!). I’m looking at hosting more of these coffee dates via zoom so make sure you check in on Facebook and Instagram to see when the next one will be. Now more than ever I think it’s important to be in community with one another and this is just one way I can continue to help Women in Ag not feel so alone in all of this.

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