The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 56 – The Next Generation of Farming with The Prairie Farm Project

On this week’s episode of you’ll meet Dana, Jenna, and Nikki of The Prairie Farm Project. The Prairie Farm Project is a partnership of Central Alberta producers dedicated to providing nutritionally dense and ethically raised food and other farm products to families. Together, Lady’s Hat Farm, Redtail Farms and Lazy T Farm market their products collaboratively and host farm-to-table events featuring local chefs. They called it a “project” because there is no model they’re following, and as time goes on, they hope to grow and evolve in a way that best meets their community’s food needs. Their tag line is YOUNG FARMERS PRODUCING GOOD FOOD & HAVING A GOOD TIME DOING IT. and as you’ll hear from these ladies today, they truly have a passion for what they do and they really have a great time doing it!

Nikki Wiart | BIO
Nikki Wiart is a farmer at Lady’s Hat Farm, a florist and a journalist. Her farming journey began in the winter of 2017, when she moved back to her hometown of Castor, AB to work under open prairie skies, grow food and raise animals – and do so in a sustainable and ecological way. Since then, she’s dabbled in a bit of everything, from bees to pigs, chickens, lambs, vegetables and flowers. She’s now narrowed in on her focus, growing seasonal and sustainable flowers and raising grass-fed/finished lamb.

Dana Blume | BIO
Dana Blume and her husband Ian Griebel run RedTail Farms near Castor, Alberta, where together they raise animal-welfare certified grass-fed beef, pastured pork and three free-range boys, Cohen, Fynn and Leif. Growing up on a farm, Dana has always loved rural life and animals – and knew she wanted to raise her own children with the sense of freedom and adventure a farm lifestyle allows. Dana handles the day-to-day organization of the farm and marketing of their products, as well as helps to move cows, garden, raise laying hens, bottle-feed orphaned animals and transform all the farm’s hard work into delicious meals – not to mention chase her three boys!

Jenna Hauck | BIO
Jenna Hauck is the fifth generation of females to return to her family farm, Lazy T Farm, near Halkirk, Alberta. For the past four years, she and her now husband Brett have worked with her parents on their holistically managed farm, grazing beef, pasturing poultry and raising laying hens for direct-market sales. Jenna is incredibly passionate about healthy soil, healthy animals and healthy living – something she promotes while working as a yoga instructor during the winter months.

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Inspiring Women!
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The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 56 - The Next Generation of Farming with The Prairie Farm Project

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