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I have been actively seeking out new podcasts to listen to hosted by or featuring BIPOC in Agriculture or the Food Space. Take a look and listen to some of my favs. I’m always up for suggestions on new podcasts to listen to so drop your favourite in the comments below or send me a DM over on Instagram.

Edible Activist hosted by Melissa L. Jones

Edible Activist is a podcast where dynamic people of color in the food and agriculture space share personal food journeys, stories and perspectives that stem from the land. Hosted by Melissa L. Jones, she interviews a diverse group of everyday growers, farmers, artists, healers, and other extraordinary individuals, who exemplify activism in their own edible way.

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Black In The Garden hosted by Colah B Tawkin.

Black in The Garden podcast resides at the intersection of Black Culture and horticulture in a world where all the garden fairies and most of the gnomes are white. Hosted by millennial black plant enthusiast and self proclaimed Plantrepreneur, Colah B Tawkin. ‘Conversations WILL be had’ on a range of topics that directly influence and impact black plant keepers as we blackily impact and influence the world.

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Point of Origin hosted by Stephen Satterfield

A podcast about the world of food, worldwide. Each week we travel to different countries exploring culture through food, examining its past and present, and what it teaches us about who we are and how we came to be. The power of food is that it has a story to tell. Point of Origin is a podcast that enthusiastically uplifts the voices of women and people of color. We believe that this diversity isn’t just noteworthy but part of what makes our work essential and distinguished. When the gatekeepers are diverse, so too are the stories, its tellers and their experiences.

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Afro Beets Podcast hosted by Christin Riddick

The Afro Beets podcast is your source to garden to table content inspired by culture and soul. We use food as tool to explore the African diaspora and give you the knowledge on plants that will allow you to live your best life. Take a listen as I navigate life as a black vegan taking it one bite at a time.

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The Kind Hippie Kinda Hood Podcast by Siri Lorece

Join me, Siri Lorece, and guest co-host for chats about music, agriculture, social justice, yoga & mindfulness, simplistic living, and Mommin’ like a mofo! Available on all major podcast platforms!

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Katelyn Duban

Katelyn Duban

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Welcome to Wild Rose Farmer! My name is Katelyn Duban and I am a first generation female farmer in Southern Alberta, Canada. I married into agriculture back in 2016 to my multigenerational farmer husband, affectionately known as Mr. Wild Rose Farmer. We live and grow on our families certified organic grain and oilseed operation. In the Spring and Summer seasons, I raise a small herd of meat goats and have previously raised bottle calves as well.

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