Today is #BellLetsTalk Day. A day to build awareness, acceptance and action in mental health. Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be donated to mental health initiatives in Canada and for that I am grateful. But I’m going to be honest – today is tough for me.

I get overwhelmed with all the support I see from people using the hashtag, sharing the videos, sending the texts, etc. because I know what is to come.

The silence.

Let’s be honest – we’re quick to jump on a cause with a hashtag. Our mental health is MORE than a hashtag.

Mental health isn’t just for Monday’s or January 28.

Keep the conversation going.
Do your research.
Share your story, if you can.
Advocate for your mental health.
Be the person someone can reach out to.
Help the people you love find the resources they need.
Support programs that provide resources for those who can’t afford it.

I am the 1 in 5. I have survived my hardest days. You have too.

I’m here for you.