Patron-Only Ep. 98 Extended – Not Everything is Equal in Love and Farming with Abra Morawiec

Not Everything is Equal in Love and Farming with Abra Morawiec

Abra Morawiec from episode 98 shares with us her best advice when it comes to farming and working one-on-one with your spouse. Navigating love and farming can be a tricky and touchy subject but Abra breaks it down into four basic (and somewhat humorous) areas.

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Katelyn Duban

Katelyn Duban

Farmer | Podcast Host | Coach

Welcome to Wild Rose Farmer! My name is Katelyn Duban and I am a first generation female farmer in Southern Alberta, Canada. I married into agriculture back in 2016 to my multigenerational farmer husband, affectionately known as Mr. Wild Rose Farmer. We live and grow on our families certified organic grain and oilseed operation. In the Spring and Summer seasons, I raise a small herd of meat goats and have previously raised bottle calves as well.

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