The Rural Woman Podcast Episode 146 –  Women in Leadership and Gender Diversity in Agriculture with Hannah Konschuh

Women in Leadership and Gender Diversity in Agriculture with Hannah Konschuh

Hannah Konschuh is a grain farmer, operating Generation Land & Grain Co. near Cluny Alberta, joining her family farm as part of their succession plan. Prior to that, Hannah completed a B.Sc in Agriculture and M.Sc. in Soil Science at the University of Saskatchewan and worked in a number of research and policy roles.

When she made the decision to become a full-time farmer, she quickly got involved in serving as a farmer director on provincial and national boards with an aim to improve agronomic research and international markets for farmers. Hannah was the first woman to serve on the board of the Alberta Wheat Commission and has been a strong voice for encouraging and inspiring other women to consider similar roles. In her tenure on various boards and committees, she has lent not only her knowledge and farmer voice to the agriculture and agri-food sector but has imparted her passion for the importance of diversity on sectoral boards and committees in order to create thriving organizations. She learned firsthand the importance of thinking not only about “who” is at the table, but valued and meaningful contribution once you’ve pulled up a chair, and she strongly believes the success of our sector comes from valuing the advancement of all people regardless of background.

In 2021, Hannah co-launched a podcast called the Diversity Imperative, a podcast about unearthing the agriculture sector’s diversity potential. The podcast has garnered broad industry support and explores many issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion including making space for nuanced dialogue and making diversity and inclusion a topic that everyone across the agricultural sector is comfortable engaging in.

Hannah has also undertaken a number of speaking engagements at numerous domestic and international industry events, including ‘five steps towards inclusive agricultural organizations’ at the Canadian Seed Trade Alliance AGM, as well as sharing her experiences at the Prairie Cereals Summit, the International Farm Management Association (IFMA) conference in Scotland, and various engagements at FarmTech, among others.

Further, Hannah was invited by the Food and Ag. Organization of the United Nations to be one of a number of people representing Canada at the North American regional consultations for the Voluntary Guidelines on Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment in the context of Food Security and Nutrition with the Committee on World Food Security that took place in November 2021.

Lastly, Hannah is passionate about mental health in the agricultural sector. Working with local organizations in Strathmore and county, Hannah volunteered to bring free mental health first aid training to farmers, ranchers and rural citizens in Strathmore, made possible by The Do More Agriculture Foundation’s Community Fund.

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