Episode 159 – Navigating Postpartum Depression with Elizabeth Goad

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Elizabeth is a full-time stay at home, homesteading, mother and wife. Elizabeth is a first-generation farmer, who has always been involved with horses, but her love of farm and family continued to grow as she did. After having her children, her world changed.

She went from being a strong, independent woman to finding herself battling postpartum depression and trying to find her place in the world through her role as a mother and caretaker for their home. She always stayed involved with animals and had a strong desire to homestead, teaching herself how to garden and preserve the foods that she was growing. One day while cleaning the horse stalls, she came across the Rural Woman Podcast and listened to episode 97, and was inspired to start “The Goad Life Farm.”

Elizabeth found the episode so inspiring that it helped pull her out of her depression and started on a new path to creating her small homesteading farm and began teaching others about small home farming.  

Liberty stayed the same, year after year—a name you knew and a reputation you could depend on. In the hundred or so years since, the green Liberty stripe became a badge of honor and pride in the country and county road stretches of rural America. Patents expire over time, but traditions and history don’t. And while there may be other bib overall brands on the market today, there’s only one Liberty.

Liberty is about living free. Remaining true to yourself and the qualities that drive you.​

With us, what you see is what you get. We won’t sugarcoat it, and we won’t pander to fleeting style trends pretending to be something we’re not. We make a pair that has done the job for a hundred years. It was good enough for them and it’s good enough for us. ​

Liberty is about unwavering quality and craftsmanship built to take on every task, every day. We respect folks who tell it like it is—even if it takes them some time to get to the point. So we’re telling you that our bib overalls are tough enough for your task. They work for farming the traditional way. They work for painting giant small-town murals. They work for backwoods engineering. They work for slow-smoking ribs. They work for hunting alligators in the Louisiana swamps. Heck, they even work for raising backyard chickens. Visit Libertybibs.com

Meals in the field, combine rides with Grandad, picking fresh berries out of the garden and building forts in the bales.

In Billi J. Miller’s 4th book celebrating farm life, Miller examines what farm life is like — through the eyes of children. Only not just interviewing “today’s” children – this touching book delves into what it looked like to be a farm kid through the ages. Starting with her husband’s 100-year-old grandmother, Miller asks what her days looked like when she came home from school, her memories of her mom, and what she did most on weekends.

Peppered with the hilarity and frank honesty only present-day “kids” can master, this book is filled with stories that will enlighten you, warm your heart, and make you laugh out loud.

Sure to satisfy even the urban reader, “Farm Kids: Stories from Our Lives” teaches through story and a special chapter of “What we want you to know.” Miller captured the thoughts of hundreds of farmers on what they wish non-farmers knew about them.

​Miller has been captivating audiences and readers by telling the stories of Canadian farm life since she married a 4th-generation farmer from east-central Alberta in 2010 and has spoken at dozens of events throughout Canada and the US on what she thinks makes farm life so extraordinary. She lives on a 111-year-old farm near Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, with her husband and two children. She writes her books from her home office, her favourite chair, or her fave local (or not so local) coffee shops.

Always drawn to a powerful story and meaningful connection, Billi is a natural borne story-teller. She loves to make people laugh, smile and make them think. Miller speaks from her heart, and no matter what topic she’s speaking on, there are most often wet eyes in the room. She speaks poignantly and passionately about farm life, drawing on her often hilarious interviews while writing her books. Billi uses her personal experiences and captivating stories to engage and connect with her audience. In a time when reconnection is essential, she leaves conference and gathering attendees moved, encouraged, and inspired for the future.

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More than your average day planner! Designed for a rural lifestyle, Navigate includes everything from weekly and monthly planning pages to reflections and gratitude practices. What makes Navigate unique is a section dedicated to agriculture including facts, crop and livestock inventories, a garden map, and much more.

Navigate is made with high quality paper and the cover is eye catching but also durable. Monthly tabs help to easily navigate the book and the pocket at the back is useful for keeping track of loose papers. We hope that Navigate helps to bring harmony to your story!

Connecting with women in agriculture by sharing my story through workshops and speaking engagements is another one of my passions. My hope is that by sharing my story of life on the farm will let all you know that  “you are enough”. 

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Katelyn Duban

Katelyn Duban

Farmer | Podcast Host | Coach

Welcome to Wild Rose Farmer! My name is Katelyn Duban and I am a first generation female farmer in Southern Alberta, Canada. I married into agriculture back in 2016 to my multigenerational farmer husband, affectionately known as Mr. Wild Rose Farmer. We live and grow on our families certified organic grain and oilseed operation. In the Spring and Summer seasons, I raise a small herd of meat goats and have previously raised bottle calves as well.

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