Episode 183 – Blooms and Balance: Navigating Business, Family, and Self-Care in Flower Farming with Rechelle Day

Blooms and Balance: Navigating Business, Family, and Self-Care in Flower Farming

with Rechelle Day

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Farming has always been near and dear to Rechelle, as her mother and father’s families have been farming for decades, and the spectrum has been broad (strawberries, potatoes, watermelons, alfalfa, corn, wheat, peaches, cherries, apples, pears, and the list goes on). 

Growing up, Rechelle’s jobs on the farm ranged from taking soil samples, picking weeds, and swathing hay to driving a ten-wheeler potato truck. At the time, these experiences made Rechelle run towards something different, but she soon came to realize her time on the farm would become the foundation for everything she would do moving forward.

After leaving the farm and going on to college, Rechelle’s path led her to pursue a career in health care. Despite having a completely different career path than farming, it always found a way back into her life. Rechelle’s time off of work would involve growing flowers and vegetables and going back home to help when she could. The farm soon became a special place for her, and she knew somehow she would go back to agriculture one day. In college, Rechelle met her husband, who had a family history of farming as well – Christmas Trees. So when they got married, Rechelle became a farmer again.

While experimenting with her own yard, Rechelle would reminisce about the memories she shared in the garden with her mother and Grandma Kahler and her interest in how different flowers grew. As each season passed, Rechelle’s little garden squeezed in between Christmas Trees, becoming larger and larger. She soon became interested in all the different plants, and her free time (although small) was filled with learning more about the various flowers she could grow. Each season she would try to grow something new and share her harvest with friends and family. When COVID-19 flipped their worlds upside down, Rechelle found the greatest peace in her garden, pulling weeds and cultivating beauty through flowers. It was the moment that she decided she needed to share this beauty and happiness with others, and thus Freckled Bloom Flower Farm was born!

There are those who will say – flowers die in a vase, why waste your money? Think of it this way…. everything has a beginning and an end, and it’s the in-between that really matters. It is the joy one discovers when designing their own bouquet or how receiving a beautiful arrangement can turn a moment into one that is truly remembered! The joy starts with the person planting the seed, babying that seedling until it can go into the garden, and caring for it until it reaches its last owner. Flowers give hope, happiness, and beauty.



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  1. Iris MEck

    GReat Show Katelyn, loved hearing Rechelle’s story. it put a smile on my face when i heard that her father put her into a 10-WHEELER. that is the way on THE FARM! we all had that kind of experience on the farm when we were young.
    i love that you cover women from outside of Canada Katelyn, and find these great leaders who farm in different ways.this really opens up our mind in learning from other farmers.

    thank you again Katelyn for all you do to enrich our lives. and thank you for your partnership through AWC.


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