It’s a new year: time for New Year’s resolutions, goal setting, power words, etc. I actually looked up where the idea of a ‘word of the year’ came from.

From what I can see, it looks like people found it easier to pick a word/theme rather than a specific rigid resolution for the year.

I am calling it a Power Word; is that a real thing? Jury is still out.

Regardless, the word I have chosen for 2024 is (drumroll please….) Energy.





  • 1. the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

Energy! Doesn’t that sound like a sexy word of the year? 

It came to me while I was on a 10km hike in Waterton on New Year’s Day *how inspirational*

Let me tell you why I chose it:

The last few years have been really big for me. The growth of my podcast, speaking engagements, brand partnerships, etc. have seen major growth. In 2023, while I was still continuing to grow business-wise, I personally hit a wall.

Everything caught up to me in a big way and I needed to take a step back. Which turned into a complete stop and it’s taken me a while to get back to a place where I feel like I’m slowly moving forward again.

I have been fairly candid during my time on social media about my journey in life, Ag, and otherwise. I’m an introvert and I often speak from my scars vs. wounds.

2023 was a rough year for me and I am still in my wound era, but it’s getting better all the time.

It’s getting better for me because I am listening to myself better and reading the signs of what I need (physically and mentally) when I need them. I’m also trying my best to communicate those needs to those whom I love and trust.

There are days when I am ready to take on the world, get shit done, and take no prisoners. 

Other days – I wake up at ungodly hours, don’t go back to sleep, and slug it out doing, what feels like, less than the bare minimum. Whichever day comes my way, I am learning to honour it for what it is.

I used to think if I wasn’t firing on all cylinders all the time then I wasn’t doing enough and I would fall behind. Turns out when I listen to what I need and respect that boundary, I do just as much, and better, than when I push through just to say it’s done.

How does that saying go? Whatever you do, let that be enough. (Stitch it on a pillow and put it in the entryway)

. . .

I know starting a New Year can be just as exciting for some folks as it is daunting for others.

I try to look at it as realistic as possible, even though I can be found guilty as a bit of a daydreamer too.

Whatever category you fall into, I want to wish you the best start to your new year.

If you’ve picked a Word of the Year or a Power Word, I’d love if you would share it with me.


Much love,