Episode 196 – The Importance of Relationship Building in Agriculture with Paige Stewart

The Importance of Relationship Building in agriculture

with Paige Stewart

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ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE, Paige shares how she started her journey into agriculture, from her background as an Account Manager to transitioning into full-time farming alongside her husband. She discusses the challenges and strategies involved in navigating farm succession plus shares insights into mentoring women pursuing careers in agriculture. She of course, also reflects on what her most rewarding part about being a rural woman is. 

As of the spring of 2023, Paige farms full time with her husband and the crew at Four Mile Partnership in Fillmore, SK. After a 15-year career on the “other side of the desk” as an Account Manager for multiple companies, lastly in a National role with a small-medium size crop protection company.

Paige never planned on working in agriculture, despite growing up in the mud on a small hobby cattle farm in south-east Manitoba.

After high school, which she considered a necessary post where she could play sports full time while she waited to term out into the next, highly anticipated step.  Paige studied Conflict Resolution at the University of Winnipeg, thinking she would work in Law enforcement, before taking an entry level job at an “Ag retail”, because she just needed to work. Not knowing anything, and struggling for 2 years to understand the business, it finally clicked. She fell in love with “sales” and the greater industry where she could see the absolute potential and opportunities galore. This was the path she was suppose to follow.

Taking a job offer in south-east Saskatchewan, where she moved to Weyburn, not knowing a soul. She immersed herself into life on the road as a “rep” and meeting as many people and saying “Yes” to any opportunity that presented itself.

Paige met Chris, then a sales agronomist at a local ag retail and a part-time farmer on his parents operation. 9 years later, just a short roller coaster ride of farm succession plans, blended family dynamics and melding their corporate experience with their passion for the farm lifestyle, Paige and Chris find themselves as full-time managers of their small-grains operation.

While ever changing, Paige’s primary passions are building strong, 2-way relationships with their farm network (i.e Account Managers, farmers, industry contacts), working on their farm succession and sharing those learnings and support with peers and empowering the amazing ag-women she’s collected over her career…which she believes are all divinely interconnected. You might, also, find Paige with her nose in a book (or telling you what you should read next), or sharing a beer with husband while debating farm policy and strategy. 


Get ready as we delve into…

  • Paige’s Background into Agriculture

  • Transitioning into Full-Time Farming 

  • Navigating Farm Succession

  • Mentoring Women in Agriculture Careers

  • The Most Rewarding Part of Being a Rural Woman


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