Before You Buy The Mic | Podcast Coaching  

A personalized podcast coaching and mentorship program to learn exactly how to build the foundation to successfully create, produce, and market your podcast.

Why coaching and not a just a standard How-to course?

Believe me, I have been tossing around the idea of launching a ‘How-to Start a Podcast Course’. But after doing my market research, I found that people were not 100% invested in the idea of a one-size fits all course. I can tell you there are already so many podcasting courses on the market that will give you the basic step-by-step instructions of how-to launch a podcast. What I discovered the market is lacking is the personalized coaching and mentorship side that I think is so valuable in launching a successful podcast. No two podcasts are the same, so why should learning how to start one be standardized?

What is different about coaching?

Instead of giving you another cookie cutter course to invest in, I want to help walk you through starting the process of launching your own podcast through my new personalized podcast coaching and mentorship. We’ll go through step by step the process from start to finish. We’ll set personal milestones and timelines that fit your life but also give you the drive and motivation to bring your podcast vision to reality.

What can I expect from coaching and mentorship?

Here is what you can expect from coaching and mentorship with me:


One-on-one communication through your preferred meeting platform (Zoon, Skype, Phone, etc.)


Scheduled check-ins (weekly & monthly options available) to stay on track with goals and milestones


A coach to cheer you on and keep you accountable to yourself because you're worth it


Full access to my personal resource library


Work together to build a strong foundation for your podcast so it is built to last

  • Break down your WHY

Working through potential imposters syndrome

  • Ever have the thought “Who am I and why do I think I’m capable of starting a podcast??” I’ve got you covered

Determining your budget

  • Financial – Monthly/Annual cost analysis
  • Time Analysis – how much you need and how much you have to spend
  • Equipment – what you’ll need and more importantly – what you DON’T need to get started

What programs to use to record and edit your podcast for a professional finished product

  • Including acoustic and noise hacks

Work with you to create and distribute your RSS feed to get your show on the best podcast players like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.


Together, we'll build your visual brand for your Podcast including graphics, theme music, etc.


How-to-connect and build an authentic audience of people for your show using

  • All social media platforms
  • Build an email list
  • Website for your show

How to build content and topics for solo episodes plus how to connect with the right guest(s) to be featured on your show


How to create sustainable revenue for your podcast by building brand partnerships

  • Selling ad space
  • Affilate partnerships
  • Know your worth as a creator and how to charge appropriately
  • Ways to crowd fund your work as a creator

Knowing when and how to outsource the production work of your podcast



What if I already have a podcast? How can you help?

Already have a podcast? Looking for guidance on how to improve your show and grow your audience? I will work alongside you to help generate new ideas, have goal-setting conversations to set you up to further your success.

Exhausted at the thought of recording another episode? Trust me, I’ve been there. Podcast fatigue is a real thing! Let’s work together to get that passion back behind the microphone.

Why hire me?

In less than two years, The Rural Woman Podcast has grown to be wildly successful with over 165,000 downloads from 140+ countries around the world. It caught the attention or major television networks, national news papers, blogs, and alike. I have connected with and shared the work of renowned agroecologists, authors, environmental scientists, major influencers, and more. This has lead me to sponsorships with leading agricultural companies, presenting my work at conferences, and even emceeing a National Women in Agriculture conference.

I believe our most valuable resource as entrepreneurs is our time. I can share my knowledge, experiences, what honestly worked for me and what definitely did not work for me. I have done the leg work for you and want to share the most helpful tools and resources with you to efficiently launch or improve your podcast.

I am a firm believer that your story, and the stories of others, are valuable and they need to be heard. Podcasting is the best way to share these stories to the audience that needs to hear them.

If you’ve had the idea on your mind, and in your heart, that you want to start a podcast let me help you bring it to life.

Does my podcast have to be about Agriculture?

Absolutely not! Though my focus is personally on agriculture, I have a much broader focus when it comes to coaching and mentorship. I will let you in on a little secret… I only subscribe to a handful of Ag podcasts and they wouldn’t be the ones you’d suspect. Why? A few reasons.

The first being I love to learn about all topics from finance, budgeting, entrepreneurship, mental health, the list goes on! On average, I listen to up to 6+ hours of podcasts a day. I’m not a one genre kind of gal when it comes to the podcasts that I personally listen to.

Another reason you won’t find me listening to most agriculture podcasts is that they just aren’t for me. What do I mean by that? The whole reason I started my podcast was because I couldn’t find one out there that suited what I wanted to listen too. You may be in the same boat searching and sampling the podcasts on the market falling short on the content you really want to connect with. That’s where you come in, my friend!

How much does coaching and mentorship cost?

Your investment in coaching and mentorship is based on how much time we need together and your budget. I want to make my services affordable for you because I know the start up costs can sometimes add up quickly. My base rate packages start at $75CAD ($59USD) and are completely customizable. You can book a free 20 minutes consultation with me where we can go over your podcast ideas, goals and how we can work together to achieve them