On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Alli Caraveo.

Alli Caraveo is a stay-at-home mom, first-generation rancher, entrepreneur and Equine Gestaltist™. She pursued her lifelong love for animals by getting her Veterinary Technology degree in 2012. During that time, she was building a family and a ranch with her future husband. 

Currently, Alli and her family are enjoying the slow life of Central Montana while enjoying a life they have always dreamed of. She has opened up a retreat center and an Equine Gestalt Coaching business where she and her horses help others walk through deep disappointment, life transitions, trauma, and healing.

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[13:57] Training & Programs Alli Went Through to Begin Her Own Business

[17:36] All About the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method

[26:39] Services Restorative Strides Provides to the Community

[28:53] Alli Discusses Her Retreats & Workshops

[30:40] Mental Health & Agriculture

[36:16] Rapid Fire

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