*The content shared in this episode includes cannabis education and is intended for an adult audience.

On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Serena Donovan.

Serena Donovan is a proud wife, mother, and grandmother living and working on their family grain farm near Mossleigh, Alberta. Although Serena grew up rurally, she did not have a direct connection with Agriculture until later in life. Looking for ways to diversify their operation, in 2019, Serena began building her indoor cannabis facility, bringing farming indoors all year long. In February 2020, Because You Cann was the 2nd micro cultivation license issued in Alberta by Health Canada and the 25th in the nation.

In 2022, Serena expanded her cannabis businesses to include the MaryJane Manor, the 1st Cannabis Boutique Hotel in Canada. Having experienced judgment surrounding the stigma of cannabis and being a medical cannabis patient, she built out the hotel with the purpose of reducing the occurrence of negative stigma others may face in their cannabis consumption. 

Cannabis may be a very untraditional crop to many, but Serena is a proud farmer!

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[07:55] How Serena Became the Type of Farmer She is Now

[16:00] The Stigma Behind Cannabis

[28:30] Testing and the Differences Between CBD and THC

[31:50] Industry Rules and Marketing Around Cannabis

[34:54] All About the Mary Jane Manor

[44:11] Rapid Fire Questions

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