On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Amanda Burzynski & Erin Golden.

Amanda and Erin are moms that both have worked in childcare and education. While home with small children, they started an Instagram account to build connections and share the ups and downs of motherhood. From there, they created a magazine called Sapling. Sapling is a child-focused magazine that includes a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, agriculture-based reading material, seasonal crafts, and fun farm facts. They hope their magazine helps encourage today’s young learners to explore nature and inspire curiosity about agriculture.

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[11:41] Transitioning From City Life to Rural Life

[15:16] Teaching to Farming: Disconnects in the School System with Agriculture 

[24:30] Isolation in Rural Living

[30:00] The Starting of Sapling Magazine

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