On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Katie Steere.

Katie Steere is an entrepreneur and co-owner of Wild Earth Farm in Vermont. In addition to raising grass-fed beef and lamb with her husband, she’s busy re-imagining how we as humans can live well on this earth.

Her current obsessions are women and wool and the magic that happens when the two of them come together. She has recently taken a step back from the day to day of farming to start a wool sponges business and start planning women and wool retreats that will be happening on her farm.

For full show notes, including links mentioned in the show, head over to wildrosefarmer.com/192

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01:23 – All About Katie

07:05 – Katie’s Pro’s and Con’s of Going Vegan

21:46 – USDA Loans and Financing

28:00 – Working with sheep and wool

33:06 – National Family Farm Coalition – Advocating for On-Farm Slaughters 

38:48 – What’s Next for Katie on the Farm

39:52 – The Most Rewarding Part of Being a Rural Woman for Katie

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