On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Amy Hill.

Amy was born and raised in the suburbs of Dartmouth Nova Scotia but spent her summer vacations on a mixed farm in Prince Edward Island where she dreamed of one day living that lifestyle.

Snowy River Farms is comprised of woods and pasture rotated hogs, broiler chickens and lay hens raised on fruits, vegetables and nonGMO grains, a family dairy cow, too many barn cats to count and an ecological market garden that includes 5 greenhouses.  Amy believes that keeping her farm diverse is not only smart from a business risk management point of view but that it also creates the least wasteful operation that benefits her land, livestock and consumers.

She not only grows produce, meat and eggs for the community, but she also adds value to many items by hand mixing their own sausages, making bone broth, lard, and pesto and has branched into offering on farm workshops for those who are interested in small scale farming and homesteading.

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09:43 – Starting and Growing a Small Farm

18:10 – Transitioning to a Sustainable and Profitable Farm Model

25:49 – Marketing Products in the Community and Accessibility of Products

33:10 – Experiencing Farming as the Sole Female Farmer

42:50 – Future Plans for the Farm

46:23 – The Most Rewarding Part of Being a Rural Woman for Katie 

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