On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Jessica Garza.

Jessica Garza and her husband Christopher are the owners of Moose Valley Ranch located in Springdale WA. They built the business to diversify the family ranch beyond traditional agriculture and to create growth in her local economy. Jessica creates community with rural women entrepreneurs through her event Gather, and supports other western small businesses by coordinating a large western market called Market in the Mountains. Online, she fosters connections in the PNW with a virtual Rural Chamber of Commerce and shares on farm safety, business, family, the ranch, and her specialty of Crimes against Children as a former Detective.

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02:19 – Diversifying the Ranches Business Model

08:16 – Community Reaction to Jessica’s Business and its Impacts

25:01 – Current Offerings at Moose Valley Ranch

42:38 – Expansion of the Ranch and Helping the Community

49:01 – Motivating Yourself and Personal Growth  

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