On this week’s episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you’ll meet Celeste Lopreiato.

Celeste started The Conscious Kitchen at the age of 22. She began cooking regularly from recipe books at the age of ten, and while in school spent her summers working on organic vegetable farms, learning about market gardening and no-till methods. She combined her two passions of cooking and sustainable agriculture into the business and hasn’t looked back. The business is currently in its third year of operation. Over the past few years of running The Conscious Kitchen, she’s gained experience and knowledge in everything from sales to marketing, to financial forecasting and efficient budgeting. And while she didn’t gain her skills from a fancy business school, she thinks the best education is through trial and error.

Her favourite thing to help other small businesses is figuring out how to get the customers they want – and how to keep them coming back. Her goal is to see more small businesses develop deep connections with customers through direct-to-consumer sales.

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